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The FIT Difference

"The trainers at The FIT push you and want the most for you and from you. Just when you think you can't do another thing, you find that you can!" Ann, 69


We Get Results

From the moment you begin your first Functional Fitness Assessment you will experience our passionate desire to get measurable, quantifiable results, without causing undue injury. Every program and workout we design is implemented, instructed, and monitored to get maximum results as efficiently, effectively, and safely as possible. The training programs, exercises, and workout intensity progresses for our clients as the level of their individual functionality and fitness improves.


We also administer regular Physical Assessments (weight, body circumference, and body fat calibration) to all of our clients every 8-10 weeks as a means of giving them extra accountability and motivation to work hard and eat right. These measurements also serve as a quantifiable verification of our clients' physical progress.


























We Consistently Coach Everyone

The FIT trainers are constantly "working the floor" assisting clients and looking for opportunities to coach the best out of those exercising. We are passionate about fitness and make it our mission to instruct proper exercise technique and movement mechanics for each warm-up and exercise. We teach our clients how to move well and how to workout safely without sacrificing intensity or results.


The human body is amazingly integrated and complex and is capable of highly coordinated movements under heavy loads and extreme conditions. When you train at The FIT it means that you will be tapping into those focused, coordinated muscular tensions and tough metabolic conditioning capacities. Nevertheless, we will be there with you and for you each workout and every step of the way.



We Are Knowledgeable, Skilled, and Experienced

The FIT trainers are knowledgeable about fitness because we consistently seek out continuing education through reading scientific journals and professional training articles and by attending conferences and workshops of other top trainers in the industry. We also "practice what we teach" by engaging in training regimens of our own in order to keep our bodies at peak physical condition. We understand that our message will only be received to the extent that we model it for others.



"I love The FIT. It’s so much more than just a gym; it’s a way of life. Jared Schomburg and his team have created a welcoming environment where “Everybody knows your name.” If your goal is to lose weight, eat better, build muscle, get stronger, feel and look your best while having a ton of fun, this is the place. There’s no other place like it. I give it 10 stars!" Tom, 57
































We Train Movements, Not Muscles

The approach to training at The FIT is drastically different than many other training studios. Rather than having clients move from one machine to the next we functionally train your body as a comprehensive, integrated unit without the use of numerous bulky pieces of equipment. We train movement patterns, not individual muscle groups. We train your body to move as it was designed to move- with freedom, fluidity, strength, and power. This will always yield better results and safer results than isolated, body-part training regimens.


Our focus on movement patterning and functionality is at the core of every training service we provide. The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is the primary assessment tool we use for exercise readiness and program design. Each small group workout and one-to-one training session begins with a focus on improving movement quality and efficiency. Every small group workout and personal exercise program is designed based upon the human body's major movement patterns and improving the strength and efficiency of each of those patterns. Even our consistent administration of physical assessments is based on the truth that moving well yields the best results for strength gain and fat loss. In other words, movement-based training permeates everything we do.



"When I started coming to the FIT I was very hesitant because I hated working out. I was finally talked me into coming and just trying it out. I never thought I would be as dedicated to it as I am now. Everyone is so friendly and I never walk in without someone saying hi! It feels like a family! I have learned so much from the trainers, anywhere from how to move correctly to improving my eating. Your not just another number at the FIT; they genuinely care and want to help you. My life has changed drastically and I'm so thankful! I'm losing weight and having fun doing it! I look forward to working out everyday and never thought that would be an emotion I ever had. The FIT has become a second home and one of the places that I can't wait to get to. I'm so thankful to have found such a wonderful place to work out!" Becca, 20



We Offer Affordable Training Options

At The FIT we offer many reasonably priced training options. It is our desire to offer top-notch expertise and service without bankrupting your finances. We sell low-cost, small group strength training and metabolic conditioning packages for those individuals who require lots of flexibility within their training schedule. We have discounted monthly small group training contracts for people who have the freedom to be more consistent with their training schedules.  And, we even offer discounted monthly family plans!


Moreover, our one-to-one personal training sessions are competitively priced for those people who really desire that focused attention. And lastly, we offer customized exercise program design for those who would like to experience the expertise of our training knowledge but don't have the schedule flexibility to attend any of our many training times during the week. 





















We'll Help You Move Better, Perform Better, and Live Better

Being physically fit simply makes life better. You can experience more energy, joy, and satisfaction in everything you do just by improving your body's fitness and movement efficiency. We can assist you by providing the variety, motivation, personal attention, and fun that will have you living and moving better than ever before!


"Jared was able to accomplish what three months of physical therapy could not: I can now grip a barbell and do push-ups without pain in my hand. I’ll never be able to make a tight fist again, but my hand is strong enough now that I function just as well as, if not better than, I did before I cut those tendons." Carrie, 33


The FIT Difference

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