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This week has been an INTENSE one here at The FIT. On Tuesday, we added our last session, Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT), to complete our 4-session Functional Training. MRT is designed for clients to utilize medium loads but performed with a higher number of repetitions leading to a high amount of work being done under a short amount of time. MRT incorporates equipment such as dumbbells, kettlebells, and sandbags. Kettlebells and sandbags are great because of their ease of movement and fluidity allowing for clients to transition to their next move smoothly.


The start of the Metabolic Resistance Training. Lead Trainer, Jared Schomburg coaching the clients on a Front Loaded Squat with a Press. Once clients were proficient on these basic exercises, the exercises were combined in a descending ladder fashion to further test power and stamina.

Jeannie Hovas is performing Alternating Supine Rope Climbs with perseverance and tenacity. Rope Climbs are a great way to improve both pper body and grip strength.

Tom Zuba keeping good form while performing Alerternating Plank Sandbag pull-throughs. 

Ashley Hammelman and Scott Pliml performing TRX rows with great form; they are  directly under the TRX straps, hips are up high, and palms rotate accordingly. Having a partnered workout is great way to add some intensity.

Strength Training

F.A.I.L: Functional Alignment with Integrity Under Load


On Fridays for strength training, we do things a little different than our traditional circuits; this Friday was no different. Head Trainer, Jared Schomburg created a workout where alignment under load took the mainstage. As promised, today’s Friday Frenzy at The FIT was all about maintaining alignment with integrity under load. Clients were asked to perform exercises where they simply could not just “muscle through”; form was an absolute must. All exercises were simple enough to perform but adding weight and maintaining a tall posture brought a completely different element. Some exercises performed were:

• Balance Beam Walking lunges
• Single Straight Leg Dead Lifts with a Row
• Kettlebell Windmills
• Walking Sled Pulls

At The FIT, we’re not just about muscle hypertrophy but rather, improving mobility, growing strength, and ultimately, increasing health with a multidimensional approach. We’re proud of what we achieve here and definitely proud of our clients’ progress!

Jeannie Hovas is performing Alternating Supine Rope Climbs with perseverance and tenacity. Rope Climbs are a great way to improve both pper body and grip strength.

Ro Gallagher and Alison Agustsson performing Kettlebell Front Rack Carries with great alignment and integrirt under load.

Sandy Hill is performing a Single Straight Leg Deadlift with a row with impeccable form. Sandy keeps her shoulders back, toes flexed and pointed towards the ground, while maintaining a neutral spine. Get it, Sandy!

We had some SPARTANS this Weekend!


11 of The FIT clients came together to form TheFIT Spartan Team. They competed in the Spartan Sprint in Miller Park which consisted of 15 obstacles over 3 miles. TheFIT Team placed 21 out of 264 teams with some members taking first place in their age groups! So PROUD!



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